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Utilising local growers enables us to use seasonal produce within our menu and therefore the food offer is ever changing.

Our fruit and vegetable suppliers work with many local farmers within our areas of business. The taste of the food is superior as imported food grown for the UK market is often harvested early, left to ripen artificially, and uses large amounts of chemicals for preservation, often resulting in bland tasting food.

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Locally sourced food also has a nutritional advantage. Produce purchased from outside the UK can suffer from the degenerative effects of preservative chemicals and under ripeness, thus leading to a reduction in nutritional benefits.

Using seasonal produce can also be more cost effective as it’s in abundance. This offers students better taste, variety, and nutritional balance.

The benefits of using local suppliers are invaluable:, it encourages and supports local trade and communities, promotes awareness in what we are eating and where it comes from, and reduces food miles.