Class Catering has seen an increase in uptake of school meals at Thomas Jolyffe Primary School in Stratford Upon Avon following a healthy eating campaign devised by the catering manager as part of her NVQ level 4 ‘mock’ exam training via HIT Training.


Roberta Fleming’s Eat the Rainbow campaign was a fully immersive project developed to encourage children at the school to make healthier choices both at school meal time and at home. During a healthy eating fortnight, extra portions of fruit and vegetables were available at lunch time and by selecting extra portions, children could collect fun character fruit and vegetable stickers. This part of the project enabled the children to learn more about the importance of ‘5 a day’ and try something new.

A Design a Meal competition asked children to draw a healthy meal from one of three categories: red, green or dessert, while a How Well Do you Know Your Veg? competition involved children spotting pictures of fruit and vegetables around the school and posting their answers in a special post-box.

“As well as providing school meals, we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to our primary school customers by supporting children’s education about food, lifestyle and making healthy choices. Our primary school offer ‘Food Smart’ is all about promoting a well-balanced diet whilst encouraging the children to try new things and to have fun with food,” Roberta explained.

“The healthy eating campaign developed as part of my NVQ really got the children at Thomas Jolyffe thinking about a healthier lifestyle and making good food choices in a fun and interactive way. It was really well received by the school and it was so satisfying to see the children learning about food and enjoying themselves into the bargain.”